Wreath with butterflies

Wreath with butterflies
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Got some useless old books? Give them a new life as beautiful butterflies!

These paper butterflies are so simple to make. Here’s what you need to make them:



Here I got all the supplies ready to begin my butterfly project

wreath with book pages


Let’s get started! To begin you need some of those book pages, scissors and a ruler.

For the bigger butterfly

  • cut a square measuring – 10 cm x 10 cm or 4″ x 4″
  • and a rectangle measuring  – 5 cm x 10 cm or 2″ x 4″

For the smaller butterfly

  • cut a square measuring – 6 cm x 6 cm or 2.5″ x 2.5″
  • and a rectangle measuring – 4 cm x 6 cm or 1.25″ x 2.5″

See the picture below to do this part. Fold the square diagonally. Make about 10 even folds.

Cut the edges of the rectangle round and then fold it lengthwise. Make about six folds or so.

book page butterfly


Take the folded book pages to make a butterfly – You need a rectangle and a square.

Attach the parts together with the craft wire:

Hold the folded papers tightly to wrap them with wire in the middle. Make sure you have the folded parts on top of each other so that you’ll be able to spread the wings of your butterfly once you’ve wrapped the mid parts with wire. Twist the wire around the middle of the folded square and rectangle. You can thread a small pearl to the end of craft wire to look like butterfly antennas.


Would you like to add some leaves to your wreath, too?

To make the leaves you need of course old book pages, craft wire, small scissors and double sided adhesive craft tape.

1. Fold a double the leaf size piece of a book page in half.

2. Draw a leaf.

3. Cut it to get two identical leaves.

4. Put double sided craft tape in the middle of the leaf and remove the protective paper off.

5. Cut craft wire (4 inches or so) and place it on the adhesive tape. 

6. Press the two leaves together tightly.
You can also cut small openings on the leaf edges.


Now you are ready to attach all the butterflies and leaves on your wreath. To do that you just need craft wire and nifty fingers.

book page butterflies

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