Easter decor with wood slices

Easter decor with wood slices
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Look at these bunnies! Aren’t they just cute! They are fun to make and easy, too.

I’ll show you how to make your own wood slice Easter bunnies.


Here’s what you need to make them:

wood slice decor

1. Slices of wood to paint.

    • They should be about two inches diameter and half an inch thick. I had some pieces thicker and they are a bit too heavy, but look just as cute, though. If you don’t have wood to cut, you can find slices ready made on Amazon.

2. Jute twine to tie around the wood slices or stick through if you your slices have ready made holes.

    • The twine I used is 2mm thick or 0,08 inch, like this one.

3. Tacky glue or similar.

    • This Tacky Glue is my favorite for all kinds of craft project. It dries clear and works well with many materials, like wood and such we’re using now.

4. Paint: acrylic or chalk paint.

    • I had chalk paint at home already so I used that. I love chalk paint because it covers so well with just one coat! That’s why even a small jar of chalk paint will last for many many craft projects. And the paint works with any material, too.  Here’s a great set of chalk paints in different colors for all kinds of projects.

5. Little paint brushes to do the painting, of course.

6. A little sisal fiber to add the grass for the bunnies.

7. Scissors to cut the twine and trim the grass.

8. Permanent marker to draw the details.

    • The marker should be fine point like Sharpie to get the tiny eyes and mouths just right.


Let’s get started!

Get your paints and brushes ready. We begin the work by painting the cut surface of the wood slices. This will be the background for the cute little bunnies. Choose the color you’d like. I picked pink and yellow as my background tones.


The easiest way to paint the background is to use chalk paint. It covers easily and dries quickly. These are the main reasons why I really love using thick chalk paints for just about any project. Chalk paints come in small containers, too, so you can use these paints for little craft projects. If you already have acrylic paint at home, you can use that just as well. And guess what, you can also mix it with chalk paint! I had both paints but didn’t have the colors I wanted so I tried mixing two kinds of paints and that turned out just great. Who knew! So, I mixed basic yellow acrylic paint with white chalk paint and it worked out perfect. Now I got a nice matte yellow tone.



Once you’re done with the background, let the paint dry. While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, you should plan how you’ll paint the bunnies.

What size? How many bunnies on one slice? Will they have both ears up? Just the face or the whole bunny? If you’re hesitant about painting the bunny, you should give it a go on a piece of paper first. That way you’ll get the hang of it and you won’t have to redo the whole thing on your wooden piece.



Here are the types of bunnies I did. So simple to paint with either chalk paint or acrylic. Make a round head and then add the ears on top. With pink colored background I left the nose and the middle of the ears pink. Now let the white paint dry.



When the white paint is all dried you can go ahead and add the details. You can draw the face for the bunny either by painting or you could use a fine point permanent marker.



Now the bunny is ready and you can add the grass. Cut a suitable amount of sisal fiber and add enough Tacky Glue to make the grass stay put. When the glue is dry you trim the grass with scissors to make it neat.



Finally tie the jute twine around the wood slice. You could use a little bit of glue to make sure the twine stays in place but it may work well without it as well. If your wood slices had ready made holes for the twine you should make use of those. Leave the twine ends long enough so that you’ll be able to tie them and hang these cute bunnies where you’d like.



Here’s an example how to decorate with these cuties. Don’t they just make you smile! We wish you a Happy Easter and enjoy the lovely Spring season!


Wood slice Easter decor

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