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Looking for creative ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Do you have hidden treasures waiting to be discovered laying in the garage? Or maybe you’ve got some ugly piece of furniture you just can’t get rid of? Perhaps you could as well use a couple of quick and easy hacks to make everyday life’s moments treasured, too. Diytreasured is here for You.


On this website we are excited to present to you our creative diy projects and crafts. We turn trash into treasure, upcycle things and get creative with crafts. We love to give new life to things treasured for the great stories they have to tell. Like Great Grandma’s old rocking chair and other things vintage for example. These pieces just need a little diy to make them treasurable even without knowing their stories. We’re all about crafts and home decor.


Happy to have You here with us! 

We are a team of two (or actually three) generations,  sharing the passion for creative DIY projects. We are here to help You succeed with your own diys, too. Now and then the third generation of three (grand)sons joins us on these projects, sometimes uninvited, too, but that just makes it more fun. That’s how memories are made ❤️



Hi, I’m Jenni, a DIY enthusiast, thirty something, proud mom of three and a happy wife
Hello, I’m Inga, a craft loving, home making grandma and a mother of four grown-up children

We truly hope you enjoy our site. DIY is for everyone!

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