Giant Dreamcatcher DIY

Giant Dreamcatcher DIY
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Guess what I used to make this giant dreamcatcher… Surprise, it’s an old bike wheel! So, if you happen to have one useless you can use that or just get a basic hula hoop to do this. From Dollar Tree you can get a 1$ hula hoop.

So what else do you need to make a dreamcatcher? Here’s my list of supplies:



Here’s how the bike wheel got the complete makeover

First you need to cover up the metallic rim. Just keep on wrapping with jute twine real tight. When finished you could leave a little extra twine to tie a loop to hang the dreamcatcher from.

bike wheel makeover

When you’re done wrapping the bike wheel or hula hoop, you can start making the net. To begin making the net you first wrap twine loosely around the ring like this:


 I found this image below on Pinterest and followed the steps 1 through 6 to complete the net. You could do the same or search YouTube or Pinterest to find another pattern.

Not sure who to credit this diagram to since it was found on several pins and sites, no illustrator mentioned.


Here you can see my work in progress. Just keep on looping from middle to middle.


You can choose the size of the hole to leave in the middle. When you’re happy with the hole in the middle, cut the twine leaving a little extra. Use a crochet hook to secure the net crocheting the twine.

It’s up to you, leave the hole as is or cover it with anything you think is beautiful. I found a piece of small crochet work and used that to cover up the hole. I like it like this.

giant dreamcatcher


Now to the fun part. Let’s decorate! What do you like? Beads, feathers or lace? You can use anything you like to decorate your giant dreamcatcher.

decorate dreamcatcher


Here’s the bike wheel makeover complete. Quite a project from trash to treasure. What a difference, ha. I’m loving it!

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