Start your own blog

Start your own blog

I use Namecheap to host this blog and I am their affiliate which means that if you choose to make a purchase through the links provided on this site, I receive a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.


Would you like start your own blog? Looking for a cheap domain name? It’s really very easy to get your own awesome domain and get your blog started. It takes only a few minutes to have your blog set up. Blogging is a great hobby for anyone! Some even turn it into their full time job and make a living from their blog. Could you be the next one to earn six figures from your blog?


With Namecheap you can get your own domain and start a blog with a few clicks. Namecheap has WordPress one click installation, which is highly recommended for blogging. They also have hosting that comes with WordPress already installed for you. When your site needs to grow bigger along with your audience and content, you can easily add services with Namecheap.

Here’s how to get started

First navigate to Namecheap and click on the Sign up button in the up left corner. Signing up is totally free. Fill in the details on the form looking like this. When you’ve got form filled, hit the ‘Create account & continue’ button.


Now that you have created your account, you are ready to go after your own dream domain.


Next thing to do is search for the domain to see if it’s available. Available domain means that no one has purchased and registered that domain yet, so you can go ahead and purchase it. Select ‘Domains’ and ‘Domain Name Search’ as highlighted in the screenshot.



I wrote ‘awesomedomain’ and here’s the listing of available domains that came up.


This is not the entire list, since there are so many alternatives besides .com and .org. With the .trade extension for example the cost for the domain is only $0.48! Just add your choice to shopping cart and pay. There you go. Now you are officially a domain owner!


If you are looking to have your site hosted with Namecheap, you should get the hosting first and see, if you can have your domain for free. Namecheap offers a free domain, if you buy hosting, but the selection of free domains is limited. To get hosting, you should navigate to the highlighted ‘Hosting’ and ‘Shared Hosting’.




 How much does it cost to host a blog?


With Namecheap it costs only $9.88 to host your site for a whole year! Actually you get to host up to 3 sites with that price. It makes less than $3.30 to host per site for an entire year. Now that’s a real bargain! Here’s the selection of shared hosting and the Value package will be perfect if you’re a new blogger. If your site starts to get tens of thousands of page views, you can upgrade your hosting to the next level. My blog is hosted with the Value package and I’ve been completely happy with it. No downtime or problems of any kind! With other hosting services, such as Bluehost, HostGator and GoDaddy the prices start at $2.75 per month (price checked 2/2018), so for the year that makes 12 x 2.75$=33$. That is more than three times the price that Namecheap offers. So, with Namecheap you save over 70 percent on hosting!


Shared Hosting Starting At Just



On top of all this Namecheap also offers a free whois guard with hosting. You should definitely look into it! The whois guard means that your identity and personal contact details are kept private as site owner.


Perfect domains are hereTo host this blog I happily chose to use Namecheap over others because of their low price and great support. I installed WordPress with one click from the control panel of this site. The details were provided via email instantly after I purchased the domain and hosting. Communication with Namecheap has been very clear and straightforward. They provide you all the information you need and you can always ask their 24/7 support if you don’t find what you’re looking for. On each page Namecheap has a Q&A tab and chat service available, too. You always have someone to help and that’s just great! All the provided support material is clear to follow and presented in such a detail that you can’t go wrong.



Check out the Affordable prices and stellar support at Namecheap to get started with your own blog!