Paper peony blossoms – pom poms

Paper peony blossoms – pom poms
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Don’t you just love spring and summer?! It’s barely even spring here and I just can’t wait for summer! All the sunshine and lovely weather with the blooming nature and blossoming flowers in the garden. You know, running around bare feet, smelling the flowers and hearing the birds sing ūüôā



Since I can’t get summer to arrive here any faster I did a little crafting to get a feeling of summer at least inside the house. I made these lovely pink paper pom poms. I think they look like peonies blossoming. Just love them. And these flowers will stay just perfect for months or even years actually!




Here’s how to make these peony blossoms

These paper pom poms are easy to make. But before we get started, you should have the supplies ready. You’ll need

– multiple sheets of tissue paper

– thin metal wire

– crafting wire cutters

– scissors


Step 1.

Evenly fold or pile up eight layers of tissue paper, size approx. 10 cm x 17  cm / 4 inch x 7 inch



Step 2.

Start folding the eight layered paper from one end toward the other. Width of the fold approx. 1 cm or 4/10inch.


Step 3.

Tie the folded tissue papers with [amazon_textlink asin=’B003TKLC8C’ text=’metal wire’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2c8ed21c-246e-11e8-9ada-9faacf7bd78d’] in the middle. Don’t cut the wire too short, so you can use it to hang the pom poms.





Cut both ends either round or pointy with scissors. I cut mine pointy like arrowheads.











Step 5.

Open the tissue paper folds carefully one by one, layer by layer. Be careful no to rip the thin paper.






Step 6.

Fluff, buff and hang where you like. Here it is¬† –¬† Ready paper pom pom or peony blossom, as I see it.



Do you have a big party coming up? These would be great for all kinds of party decorations. Could make these in different colors according to theme, just gorgeous. You could even make your own wedding decorations. These peonies are guaranteed to look beautiful for quite a long time, so these could be made in advance. Could save a nice chunk of $$ on decorative wedding flowers with this paper version. You could add a little green to make some leaves etc. 

These were fun and easy to make. You should give it a go! Create a bit of summer  or decorate for a great party. Happy crafting!







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