Quick Spring Wreath

Quick Spring Wreath
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In our previous post we made these lovely pink paper peony blossoms. You can read the post here.


We included a simple step by step tutorial to easily make your own peonies. We got so excited with these lovelies that we had to make a quick spring wreath with these, too.

Here’s how to make one

Step 1. First you need to have a basic wreath – buy one  or make one from scratch. If you don’t have easy access to lots of branches I suggest you buy a ready made version.

14 inch grapevine wreath (amazon)

I’ve made a couple of wreaths out of birch branches and used one of them for this wreath. It takes a little more effort to make this base for a wreath. To make one you need to collect a whole bunch of fresh bendable branches. You do need lots of branches. Collecting them requires the most effort in the making, I think. Bend the branches to make a circle and tie together by wrapping wire around throughout the circle as you form the shape. Add more layers of  branches and use less wire, so that it is not noticeable.




Step 2. Make three or more peony blossoms. To make these you need scissors, tissue paper and wire. You find the complete tutorial on this post. Leave the wire ends long enough to stick the flowers firmly on to the wreath. Leave them two inches long at least. Once you’ve made the flowers stick them on to the wreath.








Step 3. Add leaves. To make leaves you need some paper ribbon or paper twine that you can open up and shape like a leaf. Stick the leaves in next to the flowers. I just put these leaves in like that without adding anything and they stay in place. You could tie around them some wire if needed.







Step 4. Add pearl beads. Stick the wire through the pearl, bend it and twist it. Stick in to the wreath.







Close-up of the pieces put together.


Here are my two versions of the wreath

Wreath with ribbon and three blossoms.


In the first one I tied spring green wired ribbon around the top into a cute bow. Secured the bow in place by sticking through it a wire with a pearl bead in the middle.















The ribbon with the bow didn’t quite match the look of our modern house. So, in this second version I took the ribbon off and added two more flowers and some leaves instead.

Wreath with five blossoms and no ribbon



These two flowers I made in half the size of the three in the middle. I did seven layers instead of eight and also made the folds smaller. I am happier with this second wreath for now and this gets to stay on our front door. I’m still thinking little alterations to this, but we’ll see if I get to it. Working with smaller scale flowers was just as easy. First I tried with eight layers of tissue paper like we did the bigger ones. But eight layers made the flower too stiff  and unnatural, so I took one layer of paper off for the next try.



Which wreath do you like best? Do you think I should loose or add something? Would love to see you make one, too! Please remember that tissue paper doesn’t like getting wet, so the wreath needs be placed under a roof.


Wishing you a lovely springtime!



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