Butterfly garland

Butterfly garland
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Spring is almost here! No more dark winter, finally. I just love the increasing amount of daylight and sunshine. Gaining a couple minutes more daylight each day until midsummer! Wish I could hurry up the spring to get here a little sooner. At least I can start putting up all the spring decors and add a little color everywhere, so it’ll feel more like spring while we yet have snow outside.




Getting all excited about the changing seasons – let me introduce you my newest quick spring decor craft

Butterflies to welcome springtime


These cute butterflies are so quick and easy to make with a paper punch. You get paper punches in so many different shapes and sizes. I use them for all kinds of crafts whatever the season. Easy way to add a bit of texture and 3D effect to all your paper crafts.



Step 1. To make the butterflies I used colorful double sided scrapbook papers that are colorful both sides. Butterfly shapes were made with the paper punch. This part took me just about five minutes to do. Can you imagine how long it would take if you were to use scissors and had to draw each one on the paper first! Every craft lover should have a collection paper punches. Quick and easy to use with kids, too.


scrapbook paper butterflies



Step 2. To make the garland you need fishing line. About two feet/ 60cm would be a minimum length. Please note that you need to leave a little extra both ends of the line. Fishing line durable and transparent, so it won’t show too much between the butterflies. I used the same fishing line for the wintery snowflake garland I made earlier. To make your crafting a lot easier, you should tape one end of the line onto the desk so it’ll stay in place while you attach the butterflies.



Step 3. Take a wooden bead and tie it to the other end of the fishing line. This little bead will make your butterflies stay neatly lined up and hanging straight. I chose a white bead, about 1/4 inch diameter. I added a second bead on a few garlands.

Wooden bead in the other end of garland



Step 4. Get double sided crafting tape to put together two butterflies with fishing line in between. Take a butterfly and place a piece of tape horizontally on top of it. Remove protective film from the tape. Place the fishing line on top of the adhesive and put an other butterfly lined up on top. Press together.




Step 5. Repeat the step 4 with as many pairs of butterflies as you like. I have about two inches between each pair. When you have all the butterflies attached, carefully bend the wings a part just a little and  the butterflies will look a lot more lively.



Your beautiful butterfly garland is now ready. Looks lovely in front of a window. Instant summer feeling almost guaranteed with these cute butterflies flying around!



cute butterfly garland


Before this butterfly garland the latest project I did with a lever punch was snowflake garlands. I loved the snowflakes so much that I wanted to make a garland to decorate for spring, too. Goodbye winter! I am now welcoming spring with beautiful butterflies.



Wishing you a lovely springtime!



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