Neutral Valentine’s Day Vignette

Neutral Valentine’s Day Vignette
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neutral valentine's day decor

Create a simple neutral Valentine’s Day Vignette on a picture shelf with materials you already have at home!

I made this with old book pages, sown fluffy linen hearts and up-cycled frames.

Here’s a list of materials I needed to create this Valentine’s vignette

And to work with these materials I needed crafting supplies and to sew the fabric hearts I used my sewing machine.

Book page heart garland

To make the book page heart garland I used a paper cutter to cut strips of book pages. I cut the strips 3/4 inches wide and made three different lengths of strips. The heart is made of three strips: the outside is the longest strip, the middle one is the middle sized and the inner strip is the shortest.


The longest strip was cut using the height of the book. So the first step was to make lots of 3/4 inch wide strips. When I had enough of these strips I divided them into three piles. One pile is used the outer part of the heart, second for the middle part and third for the inner part. I cut all the strips in the second pile an inch shorter than the first pile and the third pile I made two inches shorter than the first pile.



When I had all the strips cut I divided them into sets of three with one of each length to make the hearts. I used a regular glue stick to glue the strips to together starting with one end as you can see in the picture above. Next step was to glue the other ends of the strips together similarly, see the middle of the picture below.



Next I took out my cutest Fiskars scissors and cut 4 inches of paper yarn for each heart. I bent the yarn in the middle to make a loop and then glued together the heart placing the paper yarn loop in the middle as you can see in the picture above.

To do this you could also use a stapler but I preferred the clean look of this glued together heart. Stapling is a better choice if you want to make sure the hearts will stay in shape right away. To make sure the glued parts dried together firmly I used crafting clothespins I had. I let them stay put a couple minutes and that was well enough to get the parts properly glued together.



Then I just cut a suitable length of the same paper yarn to take all these hearts and make the garland. These hearts stay in place hanging on the yarn just as they are. If the paper yarn line is too curved they will slide to the lowest point if they are not glued onto the line.


Here is my Valentine’s Day heart garland ready and hanging on the wall. I love these 3D book page hearts!

Stuffed fabric hearts

To make these lovely soft linen hearts I used pieces of fabric and soft fiber filling for the materials.

Probably the easiest way to make perfectly shaped hearts is to use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Take two pieces of fabric and place them on top of each other or fold a bigger piece of fabric to make two layers. Take the cookie cutter and place it on the two layers of fabric. Draw the heart shape carefully with a pencil on the fabric and use a pin to hold the parts together.

Cut the heart shape so that you leave a bit of extra fabric outside the outline.  Then sew the heart along the line you’ve drawn. Remember to leave a little opening on one side of the heart to stuff the heart with polyester fiber fill through it. Use a finger or a pencil to fill the heart. Once the filling is in, close the opening with sewing machine.


These soft fabric hearts were really quick and easy to make since there’s no difficult inside and outside turning. The edges are just made neat by cutting and that’s it. I think these linen hearts are adorable!



To decorate my home with these hearts I placed them on the picture shelf  just like that. The framed heart I sew by hand on a bigger piece of left-over linen and wrote “love” below it with wool yarn. The wool yarn was also sown and shaped by hand.



To up-cycle the old frames I used chalk paint.

The other picture frame I turned into a small chalk board with stick on chalk board. Now that’s real quick and easy. You don’t need to wait for the chalk board paint to dry.

Just peel and stick and cut!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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