Sock pumpkins in 5 minutes

Sock pumpkins in 5 minutes
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Yay, fall is here! It’s time to get out those cozy blankets, candles and all that fall decor. Pumpkins and apples and that crisp weather outside, ahh. I think I’m beginning to fall in love with fall 😉 How about you? Do you love the pumpkin season and the fall decorations? Talking about decor… Making your own fall decor doesn’t have to be difficult or all that time consuming. You just need to get a little creative to come up with the best ideas. Okay, keep reading, I’ll show you a real quick and easy diy piece, you can make to decorate for the up-coming season of pumpkins.

These adorable sock pumpkins you can make in about five minutes. So, let’s get started and make these DIY sock pumpkins! Aren’t they cute! So quick and easy to make and you only need a  few supplies, too.

To make these you need

For the main part stretchy socks, rice and rubber bands – just click on the pics and you’ll find the product on

For the stems you’ll also need some sticks and jute twine:

Get your dog to help out with the sticks or get some from


Here’s how to make a sock pumpkin

1. Grab a sock and turn it inside out.

It doesn’t matter what the sock looks like on the inside. You’ll turn it around later on. Just make sure your sock doesn’t have any holes in it (except the mouth obviously).

2. Measure about a cup of rice to get a small pumpkin or apple.

The perfect amount of filling is up to you. If your socks are really stretchy like the ones I used, you can easily use two cups to make a bigger pumpkin.

3. Pour the rice into the sock.

Place the sock mouth around the cup and then dump in the rice. So easy without any mess! Add more rice if you feel this isn’t big enough.

4. Pick up the sock and tie a rubber band on top of the filled part.

Leave some room between the filled part and the rubber band to leave room for the rice to move. If the filled part is too firm you won’t be able to shape the pumpkin with your hands.

5. Turn the leg part right way around to cover the filled part.


6. Stick the sock mouth into the pumpkin with your fingers and shape the pumpkin.

If this isn’t working, you need to go back to step 4. Move the rubber band further up to leave more room for the rice to be shaped. If this doesn’t help you can take off some of the filling and try again.


7. Grab a stick that measures about 2-3 inches.

The stick should be thick enough so that you are able twist twine around it and keep firmly between your fingers. You can these sticks from amazon if it’s not possible to collect any from outside.

8. Take the twine and roll it around the stick lengthwise.

Begin rolling in the middle and do about four rounds. Don’t cut the twine.

9. Roll the twine around the stick.

Continue with the same twine and hold the rolled rounds of twine with your fingers until they’re secured with twine that’s twisted around the stick. You don’t need any glue. Just stick the end of the twine under the rounds.



10. Stick the stem in place and your pumpkin is ready.

Firmly push in the stem and the shape the pumpkin as you like. That’s it!

Have a happy fall, y’all!


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