DIY art: Canvas with lights

DIY art: Canvas with lights
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Create a piece of art with cute fabric and string lights. Here you’ll see, just how easy it is to do!


Okay, to get started, you’ll need some materials and supplies. Probably the most convenient way to get everything in the US is through

Here’s the list of everything you need:


This gorgeous winter fabric is also from amazon

  •  Basic art canvas, choose a size that fits the fabric pattern, for example those houses on my pattern needed to fit. Make sure your fabric is wide enough to reach to the back side to be stapled to the canvas frame.

  •  Strong tape, like this Gorilla tape for example. You need the tape to attach the string lights firmly onto the backside of your art piece. To do this, I used two-sided tape that was really heavy duty.

In addition to all these, you may need some office tape and dressmaker pins. So have those ready, too.


Here are steps to guide you through

First steps are to attach the fabric neatly onto the canvas.

  1.  Put the fabric on the canvas so that the pattern fits nice. Make sure you have a couple inches extra on each side.
  2.  Use some office tape to keep the fabric in place when adjusting it into place. Tape the fabric around the canvas to the back and check the look.
  3.  Turn the fabric and canvas around carefully so that the fabric won’t move
  4.  Cut extra away from fabric edges if needed
  5.  Attach fabric to canvas (on the back side) in the middle of the long side by using staple gun and the next staple to opposite long side below. Check from front side that the picture looks ok and the pattern is straight.
  6.  Continue stapling around the canvas and check every time that picture looks fine.
  7.  Fold the fabric corners neatly. If there’s too much extra fabric, cut it away. Fasten the corners with extra staples.

These last steps are about adding the led lights.

  1.  Start planning where you’d place the led lights. How many lights do you have and how you would like them to glow on the pattern? Please note, that you can’t see the fabric through the canvas from the back side where to place the lights. So to solve this problem you can use dressmaker pins and stick them through from the picture side. Just don’t hurt yourself!
  2.  Go ahead and attach on the reverse side the first led light by using tape. You should move from top to bottom to make sure you reach all the spots.
  3.  Continue taping leds to spots where you want and take it finally to the bottom of the canvas so that you can tape the battery case to canvas lower list.
  4. Make sure that you’ll be able to replace the batteries despite all the tape.


Now your unique piece of art is ready to lighten up your beautiful home.

I definitely enjoyed this DIY project. Hope you did as well!


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