DIY advent candles

DIY advent candles
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Light up your countdown to Christmas with these cute advent candles! With this DIY you can turn any basic candle into an advent candle.  Four Sundays before Christmas are the four advents. On each advent you get to light up a new candle. On the fourth Sunday you’ll have all four candles lit.

To make the numbers for each advent day, you need:



Here’s the step by step quick guide to make your own version:

  1. Fold the wire to a heart with the cookie cutter.
  2. Run the wire with the round nose plier along the cookie cutter so that both ends of the wire are up in the middle.
  3. Leave the other end long enough to shape into a hook and twist the other end around the longer one. Use the cut plier to cut the wire. Make the hook with the round nose plier.
  4. Shape numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the round nose plier. Leave a little extra wire to add a bead. Cut the wire with cut pliers. Numbers should be a bit smaller than the hearts you made.
  5. Thread a bead to each number and then bend the wire so that the bead stays in its place.candle decorating
  6. Make a small link to the number with thin craft wire and hang the number in the middle of the wire heart.
    Thin craft wire


  7. Wrap each candle tightly with the thin craft wire to hang the numbered heart on each candle.
  8. You can move the wire downwards as your candle burns and gets smaller. The heat won’t damage the hearts since they’re made of steel.advent candles
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