Easy Easter bunnies

Easy Easter bunnies
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Could spring, please, get here a little faster! Don’t you just love seeing nature come to life after the long dark winter? We live up north in Scandinavia so the winter sometimes seems to last forever. Getting excited to have more natural light each day and now it’s finally time to get out all the spring and Easter decorations and make some new ones, too!



I’ve seen really cute bunny decors in the stores and on Pinterest. So, I got the idea to make cute little Easter bunnies myself. Here’s what I came up with: bunnies hopping in the grass. How cute are these to make with your little ones. My 2,5 year old was so excited to make these!


Read on, I’ll show you how to make your own bunnies!

This a such a simple, yet very cute Easter craft to make with your little ones. Just pick nontoxic finger paint and even a one year old can paint some bunnies. Happy crafting!


Here are the supplies you need to make the hopping bunnies:

Green paper or card board to create instant grass for the bunnies

A pair of scissors to cut the grass into shape


White finger paint to make the bunnies


Cotton swabs to paint the ears and legs

Little bits of cotton for the cute bunny tails

Follow these simple steps to make the bunnies

1. Grab a sheet of green paper.
2. Fold the paper in half like this.
3. Shape the grass by cutting on the fold.















Make sure you don’t cut the grass too narrow. You need to leave the grass “spikes” wide enough so that the two sides of paper don’t fall apart. You should help kids with this part. You could draw lines to cut along for bigger kids, but for little ones an adult should do the cutting.








4. Fold the paper in half on both sides like this.





5. With white finger paint make the bunnies. Use your thumb for the body and then  spread the paint with cotton swab to make the bunny ears and legs.


6. Make little bunny tails out of cotton rounds or cotton balls.


7. Put the tails on while the paint is wet. If the paint is already dry, you need to use glue.


8. When the paint is dry, align the ready made folds in the paper like this. If you prefer, you could glue the bottom paper layers together to make the bunny line up even sturdier.


9. Place your bunny craft upright and that’s all. Cute bunnies are now all lined up ready for Easter.



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