Simple DIY: Wall decal on a window

Simple DIY: Wall decal on a window
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Do you have old windows just laying there useless in the attic? We found this old window in the back of our garage when we moved in. Actually found lots of old things but this cute old window really caught my eye. Just loved it with the chipped paint and rustic look.

This is an easy DIY project you can do to decorate your home or garden with an old window. Just a couple simple steps and it’s done!

Here’s what you need

  • An old window
  • Lovely wall decal
  • Masking tape to help align the decal
  • Chain to hang the window. Chain needs to be suitable for outdoor use.

  • Spray paint if you’d like to change the color of the chain or make it look aged.
  • Two screws to attach the chain to the window frame. Screws as well need to be suitable for outdoor use and the right size to fit the loop of the chain.
  • Screw driver
  • To make sure the screw can hold the chain loop you could add a washer like I did, see the picture below.
    hanging the window
  • A hook screw or two to hang the window from the chain. Windows are heavy, so you need to make sure the hook can hold the weight. I used two of these.

Here’s my “brand new” old window ready, hanging from a beam in our open wall gazebo. Isn’t it lovely with the those puffy dandelions!

I decorated my hanging window with white dandelions wall decal which our youngest daughter gave me. She had purchased this decal years ago and never used, lucky for me. This wall decal is probably not for sale anymore, but you can find many other beautiful decals here on Amazon.

A couple tips about working with the decal:

  • Make sure your window glass is perfectly clean and free of dust.
  • Measure the glass and mark the top level of the decal with masking tape on the window frame. You can also mark the center point on the top and bottom of the frame to help you place the decal or stickers. This way you’ll get it right with the first try.
  • If you see air bubbles between the glass and the sticker you can remove them by pressing with a ruler for example. Just work from center of the sticker toward the edges and holding the ruler diagonally press the air bubbles away.
  • For the most stubborn air bubbles you can use a blow dryer. The heat will help you to press out the bubbles while the decal will stick firmly onto the glass because of the heat.


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