Reusing baby food jars as frosted tea lights

Reusing baby food jars as frosted tea lights
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My daughter had baby food jars at home and I thought I should make something treasured of those cute little jars. I decided to upcycle baby food jars into frosted tea lights to decorate for the coming winter.

This is what you need to make frosted tea lights:

  • clean baby food jars
  • snowflake stickers
  • frosted glass effect spray
  • salt

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Put first the sticker on the jar and then spray it. I wanted the jar to look even more frosty, so I sprinkled some salt on it. I think they turned out lovely! If you wish to add salt to complete the look, then make sure you do it while the paint is still wet! I can assure you the sprinkled salt will stay on the jars if you add it on wet paint.

Let your decorated jars dry for an hour or so and that’s it! Now just add in the tea lights.

Please, remember to use led light candles since real candles might cause the glass to heat up too much and brake.

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That was a fun project and such an easy and quick way to upcycle little baby food jars into beautiful winter decorations. Let’s light up those dark winter months!



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