Car in a Jar for Christmas

Car in a Jar for Christmas
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Isn’t this the cutest little Volkswagen! I got to pick this one for this fun little project: a car in a jar.

Here are the materials you need to make your own:

Of course a jar or a vase and a red Volkswagen or any small toy car you’d like.


To make a Christmas tree you need a brush for cleaning bottles.


If you prefer your trees green like I did, you will need to color them first with spray paint. I recommend Rust-Oleum’s paint since I’ve been very happy with their products. You can get your quality paint by clicking this picture including an affiliate link to amazon’s product page.
To add a little snow on your Christmas tree you can use snow spray.

And to cut the brush shorter you need wire cutters like these for example

and of course you need scissors to trim the brush to look like a tree. Please note, that you can not use regular scissors to cut the medal wire in the brush. That will ruin the scissors and do nothing to the wire!! (Trust me, I know from personal experience!)

Here’s the Christmas tree painted green and covered with snow spray. I used a small bit of insulation foam as bottom; you can put few drops of hot glue in the hole to make the tree stay in place.

To put on the bottom of the jar I used some salt and on top of that some white deco snow. To tie the Christmas tree to the car I needed some ribbon.

I figured my car needed something extra since this it ended up in a bigger vase instead of a jar. I added some silver string led lights. I am very happy with my new Volkswagen ?

I got so excited that I wanted to make another car in jar, a smaller one:

The car is my grandsons’ old one which grandma got for crafts 🙂

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