Trash to treasure garden decor – bicycle upcycled

Trash to treasure garden decor – bicycle upcycled
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Here is my fun trash to treasure DIY project for garden. We’re living in an old house from 1953 and have quite a big garden. In our yard we have an old garage and a shed filled with junk also known as hidden treasures ?

This time I was going through things in our shed and I made a true discovery. We had an old worn out bicycle ready to be thrown out laying in the shed. Then I got the idea and realized that this trash could be turned into treasure and used in the garden as a decoration! It just needed a little spray paint all over.


I got really excited with my trash to treasure project. I wanted to make this upcycled bicycle a visible show case object welcoming everyone to our garden. This bicycle would be decorated with flowers in the summertime and with lanterns in autumn and winter.


The bicycle has baskets in the front and back which are just great to be used for flowers.



Since it’s autumn and winter is coming soon I wanted to put some Callunas and Silver Cushion Bush (Calosephalus) in the baskets.


I used chicken wire, moss and soil to cover the baskets for plants.

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 You just need to cut a suitable length of the wire with this tool

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We have moss growing in our garden so I took it from there. If you collect moss, please, make sure, it’s okay to do so.


First put the chicken wire in the basket. Once you’ve lined the basket with chicken wire, start putting moss in it. You also need some soil to fill it a bit before putting in the plants.








Now you’re ready to plant the Callunas and Silver Cushion Bush  – that’s it 🙂







For the darkening evenings I added two lanterns with candles.

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