Wreath with fabric flowers

Wreath with fabric flowers
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I am so pleased with this new rustic farmhouse style wreath I made. It turned out better than I even imagined and I did it DIY all the way. I made a tutorial, so you can easily make one, too!


The fabric flowers for the wreath are really easy to make. No sewing or special skills required. All you need to make these beauties is listed right below here


For the flower fabric I used up an old curtain. The curtain fabric was white burlap like material. The neat edges of the curtain I cut off and used as a cute ribbon around the wreath. So this one is a complete re-purpose project. The plain wreath I used is a diy, made of birch.



Here’s a quick guide to make these gorgeous flowers and create your own cottage chic wreath


Step 1. Cut the fabric into squares that are about 4 inch by 4 inch (10cm by 10 cm). For each flower you need two of these squares. I seriously recommend to get a professional quality scissors, like these for example. With good tailor scissors this project is a walk in the park, quick and easy to do. If your scissors are meant for cutting thin paper, this project will be a lot of work and you won’t be pleased with the result. I have tried cutting through fabric with random kids’ scissors and ended up ruining the fabric!




Step 2. Fold the fabric square in half and cut into flower shape with six pedals. If you have good quality scissors, you can easily cut even six flowers at once! These flower shapes do not need to be perfectly identical or symmetrical. It won’t look bad at all if they are a little different, since they will be tied into shape. So, no stress – just cut away!




Step 3. Cut about 6 inches (15cm) of wire per flower. Don’t ruin your scissors and use the wire cutters to cut the wire. Length of the wire depends on where you would like put the flowers. If you wanted to make a stem, a longer piece of wire would be very helpful.



Step 4. To make a flower you need two of those flower shapes you cut in step 2. Take one of those flowers. Grab it in the middle and squeeze it. Take another cut flower and do the same.



Step 5. Hold these two pieces together tightly and twist the cut piece of wire around them. The wire has to be in place real tight to make the flowers keep their form. If the wire is too loose the flowers will fall off the wreath only leaving the wire behind.




Step 6. Stick your flowers onto the wreath. To have the flowers securely in place you should twist the end of the wire around a part of the wreath.




As you can see in these pictures, each flower is a little different. I think it looks great like this with each flower uniquely shaped and handmade.

Here are a few tips how to alter the flowers to your liking:



You could cut the flowers a bit different. You could do 8 pedals instead of 6. You could cut the pedals narrow or more round shaped. Just try it and see, what pleases you the most. You can also shape the flowers by twisting the wire lower or higher in the middle of the flower. And as you twist the wire around you can bend the pedals or fold them or even pull some out a bit further.



It’s up to you!



Happy crafting!









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