Travel Memories Framed

Travel Memories Framed
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Oh, travel memories! Wouldn’t it be great relive all those wonderful moments from all the travels? I’ve got an idea, how to do that at home every day.

My husband and I visited Nice, France in October 2017 to celebrate our birthdays. We truly had an enjoyable vacation by the Mediterranean Sea! So, now  I really want to cherish the wonderful time we had and keep all those travel memories alive. The best way to do this is to make a Shadow Box to treasure. To have all the keepsakes from the trips framed beautifully on the wall lets you to relive the high points just walking past this decorative piece. Isn’t that great!

I’ve saved tickets, maps, receipts etc as keepsakes to be framed.


To have your keepsakes framed you need:

  1. a frame – big enough to fit all your bits and pieces
  2. some [amazon_textlink asin=’B0017OCY20′ text=’construction paper’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”] for the background
  3. all those bits and pieces you want to frame[amazon_textlink asin=’B00178KLEY’ text=’glue’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’937495a2-1041-11e8-a28e-8d5e057dec58′]
  4. additional supplies for decorating the shadow box



Okay, let’s get started!

I chose a simple frame for my shadow box. It measures approximately 30 by 45 in centimeters, which is about 12 inches by 18 inches. So my frame is not that big, though it might look kind of huge in the pictures.


The frame for shadow box


I think the contrast with black color makes all bright colors pop out to get a lively touch.


Here are all the bits and pieces I saved for the shadow box.

What to put in the shadow box

Shadow box
Travel memories framed

First remove the frame and measure the backboard. Cut the construction paper to these measurements. Now you the surface to glue all the things on.


Don’t jump to the glue just yet. Try fitting all your things on the construction paper first. You should have a plan considering in what order you need to glue all the papers.


When you’re happy with your layout and how to glue plan, then you’re ready to get out the Tacky glue[amazon_link asins=’B00178KLEY’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’de784fd0-1043-11e8-bced-034ec0d848da’] and begin putting it all together.



And here is the shadow box almost ready to hang up the wall. I am happy with the result thus far. To put it all together I used [amazon_textlink asin=’B009GIIKO0′ text=’Tacky Glue’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6ae7db3a-0eb1-11e8-9551-79d97cb9751c’]. I like Tacky glue  because of it’s composition. Not too runny to ruin thin paper nor too thick to get chunky. It’s all you need, the perfect product for all kinds of paper crafts. My favorite out of all the glues I’ve ever tried!


To add a little personal touch and show emotion I decided to decorate the frame a bit, too. On our holiday we found this adorable heart shaped little rock. I really wanted to have that framed, too. But my frame wasn’t deep enough to do that. Instead I glued the rock on the glass on top of the whole thing. The rock has stayed in place with quality [amazon_textlink asin=’B001680QSG’ text=’stone glue’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5eb55d5a-0f04-11e8-8050-b99ea50c69c6′]. That little rock makes this piece complete.




I’m loving this. Now all those lovely memories from our special trip get to be cherished each and every day.


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