Soft DIY keychains

Soft DIY keychains
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Do you sometimes keep keys in your pocket? I prefer my keys in my purse, but if I’m walking the dog or exercising outdoors, I am definitely not taking a purse with. It would just be in the way and wouldn’t look too smart either.  So, I keep the keys in my pocket. I used to hate how the keys felt sharp and edgy against my thigh on these daily walks. I needed to do something about it and I decided to make my own keychains to solve this annoying problem!


I came up with the idea to make a soft and yet small enough keychain to easily keep the keys in my pocket without being poked and annoyed by those darn keys.



I am loving this sown DIY keychain! It is just what I needed and great for keeping the keys in my pocket while being active outdoors. It is nice and soft and just the perfect size to work as a cushion between the keys and your body. And it’s not too big either to fill up your pocket too much. No more uncomfortable edgy keys poking in the pocket!



These keychains are easy to make

Here are the materials I used for my keychains


  • pieces of sturdy leftover fabric
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00CIVYWUS’ text=’fabric paint’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’treasureddiy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ae8a56fa-390d-11e8-8ec8-7945fd8ddc71′]
  • a bit of polyester fiber fill
  • grosgrain ribbon
  • key rings







Here’s the step by step to make the keychains:


Step 1. Measure the size of your keys. That’s approximately the size you should make this soft cushion part of the keychain. Double the keys’ measurements and add a little extra for seams on each side to see how much fabric you need.


Step 2. Plan how you’d prefer the seams on your cushion. Do you like all the seams visible and made with two equal pieces of fabric sown together on each side? Or do you prefer a cleaner look with folded fabric and two seams sown on the inside? Cut the fabric according to measurements so that you can follow the sewing plans you made.


Step 3. Use fabric paint to decorate. Just brush the paint on the fabric or use a stencil. Leave the fabric paint to dry as advised on the paint bottle/tube.


Step 4. Cut about three and a half inches of the grosgrain ribbon. That’s enough to have a loop with the height of an inch to hold the keyring.


Step 5. Iron the painted fabric through cotton cloth to secure the fabric paint to stay on the keychain. This is important since the keychain will be much used and you don’t want the paint to fall off.


Step 6. Sew together the cushion adding the grosgrain ribbon loop with keyring on one end and leave the other end open to put in the filling.

Step 7. Fill up the cushion and close it by sewing the last seam. And you are all set!



I’ve made these for all family members and everyone loved them. These are perfect to hold on to, because they are soft and fit in your hand real good. Got so excited for all the lovely feedback and happy faces that made a whole bunch for a craft fair and they sold pretty good, too.





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