How to turn old needlepoint craft into a note board

How to turn old needlepoint craft into a note board
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This is what I had to start with. Got it real cheap at a thrift store.


Look what I found! It’s an old needlepoint craft from a thrift store. There it was just screaming for a makeover. I couldn’t help but take it home with me.

We had been thinking that we should get a note board and this would be perfect to upcycle into one. I thought this piece deserved a second chance and I love these transformation projects. So, this time you’ll learn how to repurpose an old needlepoint craft into a cute rustic shabby farmhouse style note board. 


 Here’s how to do it step-by-step

Step 1. Turn your art piece face down and then carefully remove the frames like we did on this project. If your frame has screws or sort of metallic clamps, loosen them.


Step 2. Cut a large enough piece of linen or burlap or other suitable fabric to cover the old craft.

Take note that the fabric needs to go an inch or two around the edges on each side as you can observe in the picture.  To fasten the fabric real tight like a canvas, I used a staple gun.


Step 3. Paint the frames with chalk paint. One coat of paint is enough with Rust-Oleum Chalked. Let the paint dry overnight or as instructed on the can and then put the frame back in place.

Step 4. Time to get creative! Now you can improvise and decorate your note board in a way that works the best for your needs.

Here’s my version: I used two old frames to add a little extra. The frame on the left side I transformed with metallic spray paint to match the heart. And the other frame I painted with the same Rust-Oleum Chalked.

The frames I put up with rustic jute twine and a couple of pins and push pins. Below the frames I used the same jute twine and added tiny clothespins for postcards and leaflets.



I had these mini clothespins with Santa on them and had no use for those. So, I took of the Santa and painted the clothespins with Rust-Oleum Chalked. That was a lot of trouble… It would have been so much easier with matte white spray paint. I recommend that you use spray paint for such tiny pieces. Just spray them on one side, let dry and turn over to spray the other side.

Or even better, just go ahead and get your tiny clothes pins ready made from amazon

To hang the twine I used thumb tacks on each end and dressmaker pins along the twine here and there. If you’d like, you could shorten the dressmaker pins to make it easier to put them in place. For that you should use wire cutters. When putting in the dressmaker pins , they should be in almost vertical position. This way they will stick to the craft underneath and not go straight through to the wall.







The transformation is unbelievable!


This was such a fun up-cycling project. And a very budget friendly kind since I already had all the materials except for the needlepoint craft. Once again I am more than happy with the result. This makeover turned out so much better than what I had in mind. And it is a total match to our rustic home, too!


Can’t help but smile, when I see the new note board on the wall.


Hoping my project inspires you to make one, too. Would love to see what you’ve created!

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