Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies
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Hi, this is grandma writing because Jenni is very busy with her work. My English is not as good as hers, but let’s try.

Do you have lots of old fabrics sitting there useless in your closets? Here’s a cute idea you can do with pretty much any fabric you happen to have.

To surprise my grandchildren I made them each an Easter bunny. I had an old white Ikea fleece blanket at home which I was about to throw away but then came up with the idea that why not reuse it. It’s easy to sew because you don’t need to zigzag it first.┬á I also had an old bedsheet for reuse and a piece of other fabric. Ikea’s fleece blankets are great for lots of sewing projects! Very affordable and easy to work with.

These were headed to the trash.


Pattern for the bunny

I made a simple pattern for bunny but you can adjust the size which is best for you. Click the picture to get a closer look. You can print your free pattern using the bigger photo. Altering the size of the pattern to your liking is easy to do with the printed version on paper or digitally just by enlarging the photo and printing on multiple pages. Or you can just use this as is.

Cut the parts

Take out the fabric and pin the pattern on it. Remember to leave a little extra fabric around the pattern lines when you cut so you’ll be able to sew the parts together. You need to cut:

  • 4 pieces for the ears
  • 4 pieces for arms
  • 4 pieces for legs
  • 2 pieces for body

If you wish your bunny to have a different color in the front side of the ears you could cut an extra cover for ears or just use that other fabric for the front parts of the ears. I used a piece of old pink sheet and a bit of green fabric for other bunny. These fabrics where rather light so I added them as extra layer. So, I actually needed to cut six pieces of fabric for the ears to make a bunny.


Sew the parts

I used my sewing machine but you can do this by hand just as well. But, please wait, this is important!

Before sewing the body, mark with pin or pen to leave space for ears, arms and legs.

You shouldn’t leave too much space, though. Just enough, so that you’ll be able to stick the parts in through the openings. Now you can go ahead and sew the body but leave the marked spaces open. Turn the body right side out.

how to sew the parts

If you decided to make a different color front of the ear, here’s how to do it:

bunny ear

As you see in the above picture, the extra cover for ear, is sown between the two fleece fabric pieces. Leave open the straight part below the ear. Then turn the right side out. you can use a pen to help turning the piece.

Sew the legs and arms leaving the straight part open and turn them right side out, too.

Putting all the parts together

Start stuffing all the pieces with fiber filling (I had this already at home). When all the parts are stuffed sew by hand all the extremities to the body. Just stick the parts into the body about and inch or so and sew them on.

Now your bunny is ready to get the finishing touches!


Add the look

The bunny’s eyes were embroidered with black wool yarn and mouth with pink wool yarn. As you can see in the picture below, all the bunnies look a little different. Each one unique, made by hand with love!

easter bunny

You can tie a ribbon as a scarf for your bunny. On Amazon you can find a huge selection of ribbons! Wide and narrow, wired, satin and burlap just the pick the kind you like.

I also made little baskets for the bunnies by crocheting with jute yarn like this one. Didn’t have a pattern for the baskets just tried it and they turn out really cute.


And added tiny chocolate Easter eggs to these little baskets of course. These too you can easily get from Amazon.

My grandchildren are going to love these bunnies. A bunny for everyone with all the chocolate eggs!

Upcycled ikea blanket into bunny

The bunnies and I are wishing you all a happy Easter! Hope you get lots of chocolate eggs ­čśë



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