Baby food jar snowman

Baby food jar snowman
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Turn your empty baby food jars into snowmen. Your kids will love these and they are easy to make! My boys were 2 and 4 when we did these. The older managed to do this almost by himself. So, you can make these with quite little kids, too.

To make a snowman you need

Empty cleaned baby food jars








And craft supplies, of course. I carefully hand picked these products presented below from amazon. Images below link to amazon’s corresponding product page so it’s easy for you to shop these quality products.

Nontoxic and washable finger paint if you work with little ones.

Cardboard paper for buttons, nose and mouth. If you stick them on while the paint is still wet you won’t need any at this point.

Fun googly eyes.


Felt for scarf and hat. You can get really creative with these and lots more details.

Craft balls to make snowman’s head. Measure the jar and get big enough ball so that it’ll stay on top and won’t fall in the jar



  1. Hold the jar like this in one hand and paint with the other. You can also hold the jar like this for your child and let him/her do the painting. You don’t have to paint the jar mouth, since it’ll be covered with the scarf later and the bottom won’t be seen so you can leave that as is, too.
  2. When the sides are painted just place the jar on the table in upright position. Hold on to jar mouth and place the buttons while the paint is wet. If you wish to let the paint dry first you need to use glue for the buttons.
  3. Glue on the parts.
  4. Let dry and enjoy


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