Awkward corner cover-up

Awkward corner cover-up
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Here’s the problem. Just look how awful that was!

We had this awkward corner underneath the bathroom sink.  All that ugly plumbing showing and no cabinet that would fit. This desperately needed a quick cover-up.


Problem solved with a curtain. All you need is some fabric and curtain wire. I used a really old sheet to make the curtain. We also had enough curtain wire and those little hooks at home, so this makeover didn’t cost me a penny.



And here’s the problem solved. This looks so much better.

Here’s how to do it

Step 1. Take measurements for the wire and curtain.


Step 2. You should cut the wire a bit shorter that the actual measurement. Adding the hooks to the wire will add to wire length and it should be really a tight fit to support the curtain.

Curtain blueprint


Step 3. To cut the curtain fabric you should add extra to the measurements. Add to top and bottom because you’ll have to fold the fabric and sew it together to make it look neat and to be able to hang the curtain with wire. Add to the sides, too, to make sure you cover up the entire area. You could do about 1,5 to 2 times the width. It depends on the look you’re going for ­čÖé



Step 4. Sew the curtain and run the wire through it as presented in the image right below here.


The wire in place

Step 5. Put hooks or screws to the wall right next to the sink on each side. Make sure they are firmly in place to hold the weight. You should use screw anchors on dry wall.


Step6. Hang the curtain. Adjust the wire length if needed.


And this is it! I hope this inspires you to create your own quick awkward space cover up or maybe a closet substitute with a simple curtain. The sky is the limit really – you can use a curtain in so many ways! I’ve got a couple baskets hidden behind to curtain now. This is a perfect substitute for a cabinet. I’m very happy how this turned out.


Pick the perfect fabric to fix up your tricky corner or other odd space. They sell lots and lots of fabrics by yard on amazon. So you can easily get just the amount you need.





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