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Rustic Shabby Easter decor

Rustic Shabby Easter decor
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Here’s a good idea for Easter decorations: Upcycle all those plastic and styrofoam eggs into gorgeous rustic Easter decor! Create your own shabby or farmhouse style Easter decorations. Add pearls and lace for the shabby style or stick with jute twine to get a simple farmhouse look. These are just beautiful and something different from all those decorations you see in the stores.

I had lots of all kinds of not-so-pretty eggs in my craft supplies and found some outdated Easter decorations. I wanted to update them instead of throwing them away. And in this post you can see what I came up with. The transformation is just unbelievable and I’m loving my new rustic shabby style Easter decor!


To do this makeover I just went through my crafting stock and found perfect materials to use to pretty-up these eggs. Out of the whole bunch I decided to go with:

  • jute twine
  • pages from old books
  • scrapbook paper
  • washi tape
  • lace ribbon
  • pearl beads














In addition to these materials I did a little crocheting and needed some Tacky Glue and Mod Podge.



Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Used quite a lot of glue to make the twine stick on the egg. Don’t be shy with the glue, it’ll dry clear anyway. Tried with less glue and the twine just didn’t stay in place because of the rather slippery round surface.
  • For the book pages and scrapbook paper I used glue on the bottom and Mod Podge on top.
  • All the crocheting and laces I attached with Tacky Glue.
  • Pearl beads I also put on with Tacky Glue, but would have been quicker with hot glue. 




To be able to hang the eggs you need to add a loop of twine or yarn on top or could use fishing line if you prefer that kind of invisible look.

On the styrofoam eggs I used Tacky glue and a dressmaker pin to attach the loop of yarn on top.

Just pinned through the yarn like in the picture here.



On the plastic eggs I put the ends of the yarn loop under the top layer. I just glued them underneath while putting on the actual decoration layer. Only had to keep them in place to glue on the top layer. So no pins were used with the plastic ones, since they wouldn’t really work with plastic.


With this little upcycle craft project you can get real creative. Choose your style and add a little personal touch. Buttons might be cute to add on, too. Just a thought 🙂


Okay, that’s it for now. Wishing you happy crafting and Easter, too!

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