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Bedside table makeover

Bedside table makeover
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Make a mirrored silver colored bedside table with spray paint and self adhesive mirror film! This is a very easy and affordable bedside table makeover. Quick and simple.

I did two and the total cost was under 50$! A real bargain and money well spent.


I’ve listed the exact steps I took to create this gorgeous piece. You can easily make your own. You only need a little time and a few supplies. No special skills needed. So, if I can do it, you can too!


This old bedside table deserved a second chance

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Clean the bedside table (or any piece of furniture you’re working on) thoroughly with a damp cloth. Remove the parts you are going to replace, like the drawer knob for example.



Step 2. On dry surface use sandpaper to even it out if needed and wipe off all the dust. I used 120 grit and 180 grit sandpaper on this piece. First did with the 120 and then 180. If you are not happy with the result, choose another grit. 200 grit will give you a very nice and smooth finish.


Here are my best tips for sanding:

The smaller the number the harsher the sanding result. You don’t want the grit number to be too low. That would scratch and harm the surface. Always begin with a smaller number and finish the work with the biggest number grit. This was a rather small piece of furniture so I just held the sandpaper in my hand and pressed lightly while moving my hand back and forth. If you’ve never sanded before and feel uncertain, try it first on the bottom side. Not to worry, though, it’s easy and you can always sand a little more to get a smooth result.

If you’re working on a bigger piece, I suggest you get a sanding block. That will help you to get evenly sanded surface. With this tool it’s easier to sand evenly since it helps to gently apply pressure throughout.


  • Flexible rubber construction holds paper securely
  • For sanding all materials
  • To sand flat surfaces wrap paper around bottom of block
  • Wrap sandpaper around top for curved surfaces



Please note, that bumps on the surface underneath the mirror film will show. So, make sure you sand off those parts, too. The film will cover little cracks very neat but spiky and bumpy spots will make the film bend and make them noticeable.


Step 3. When the surface is totally dust free and dry you are ready to spray paint your piece. (You don’t need to paint the parts that you’re going to cover with mirror film.) Remove drawers etc. before painting and paint those parts separately. Please, follow the directions on the spray can.


Here are my best tips for using spray paint:

Always begin spraying next to the surface and not straight on it. When you first spray, the paint might come out uneven and you could end up having nasty drops on your piece. Spraying next to the surface for the first half of a second you’ll get much a better result. Then evenly paint from side to side. Stop the spray outside the surface, too, to avoid dripping. Remember to shake the can in between painting different parts or sections. You’ll get a perfect coat of paint if you manage to spray from approx. one foot distance and spray thin layers. Don’t rush through it by putting on too much paint at once or spraying too close. That way you’ll end up with paint running down surface. You can trust me on this, I’ve tried this back when I was young and impatient, haha…


First do one thin layer of paint and let dry for 20 minutes (or as instructed on the can). Then do a second layer and let dry accordingly. Add a third coat of paint if needed. After the last coat of paint you should let your piece dry for a couple of hours at least, preferably overnight.



Step 4. Measure the surface you wish to cover with self adhesive film and cut the pieces of film as measured. Make sure you cut the pieces exact to measurements. You can use bigger quality scissors or a sharp utility knife.

I used because of the quality. There are cheaper products available on amazon but this is the one brand I trust. I’ve been very happy with d-c-fix. I’ve used their products in many projects and haven’t found any flaws. First project I did with d-c-fix was over ten years ago on a kitchen counter top and I’m still happy with the products. You get things improved real quick and easy. And the films do stay in place well.


This mirror film is real thick and firm compared to other d-c-fix vinyls. This works really good on flat surfaces because it wont stretch and it stays in the shape you desired. Those thin vinyls tend to stretch a little when putting them on. Stretching is a good feature when you need to do round parts or go around corners. This mirror film works best on flat surfaces.


Step 5. Remove a couple inches of the paper on the adhesive side and put the self adhesive on the furniture starting from one edge toward the other. Leave the protective film on the mirror.Make sure you line up the adhesive foil with the edge of the surface. My piece has rounded edges, so I used the mirror on the flat parts only.


If you can’t get the film lined up straight on the first try, then just carefully peel it off an try again! You won’t ruin the film with a few extra tries. So, no worries, you can do this. Press the mirror film  firmly in its place once you’ve got perfectly lined up with the surface.

Here’s little tip: If it feels that the adhesive is not sticking throughout, use a regular blow dryer to heat up the adhesive a bit. Press the film in place when it’s warm, so the adhesive will stick better.

When you have the mirror film in place you can remove the protective film of the top of it.



New glass knob in place. Gorgeous!!

Step 6. Using a sharp utility knife or other suitable tool carefully make a hole through the mirror film to put your new knob in place of the old one. Screw in the knob.


That’s it! You’re DIY makeover is complete and you’re ready to enjoy your new classy mirrored bedside table! Hope you enjoyed this post, too. Just go ahead with your project. It’s easy and you’ll be so happy when you see the result. I was in awe when looked at the before pic next to the new version. Just couldn’t believe my eyes!



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